Tincture Workshop by Nature's Antidote @ 11am Saturday

Tincture Workshop by Nature's Antidote @ 11am Saturday


Learn how to make herbal tinctures for your own use which you can take on the go, ready to spread its plant powers and help you get better in a natural way.

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Saturday 27th April
11am (1.5hrs)
134 Columbia Rd , E2 7RG

In this 1.5 hour workshop, Lilian from Nature’s Antidote will teach you how to make your own herbal tincture which you will get to take home together with some new acquired knowledge and a fun Saturday experience with like-minded souls.

What are tinctures?
Tinctures are potent forms of herbal extracts. They are usually made with alcohol, as this is a great medium to draw out medicinal qualities of plants that are not available to our bodies in dried form. One or two drops of a tincture equals 1 cup of tea/infusion. The alcohol allows the body to harness the herbal benefits immediately - even on an empty stomach - as it enters the bloodstream at once. Tinctures are therefore an amazing addition to your herbal repertoire and can be taken on the go and whenever you may need them.

What you will be doing:
Lilian will speak about the benefits of tinctures, extremely easy ways to prepare them as well as the impact of each herb that we will be working with. You will learn how to prepare a tincture and get to take yours home, together with a small pretty dropper bottle, a funnel and a mason jar.

Please note our workshops are non-refundable.